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Tartan American Machinery Corporation in Macomb Township, Michigan is known throughout the industry for delivering reliable machine tool consulting and appraisal services. We also provide high quality, used machine tools and plastic machinery worldwide. Our team has proven capabilities and expertise in the aerospace, automotive and large-scale global manufacturing operations, while continuing to serve small and intermediate companies with energy and attention to detail.

Our Expertise
Our History
Our Valued Clients
About Our Founder: Harry J. Richardson, Senior ASA
Our Expertise

We specialize in all aspects of general manufacturing equipment, metalworking and plastic machinery. Including those related to:
1. Automotive Drive Train/Powertrain and Off-Road Construction Equipment: engines, transmissions, axles, differentials, wheel assemblies
2. Automotive and General Industrial: stamping, forging, die casting, machining, painting, E-Coat, Powder Coat
3. Carbon based and Renewable Energy: Gas turbines, Oil patch/fracking, drilling, pumps, valves and pipe
4. Aerospace: Large gantry mills, Spar mills, Carbon fiber/titanium fuselage, Manufacture of gas turbine engines
5. Fabrication: Metal shears and Press brakes, Roll formers, Bending rolls, Punching/Coining, Welding. 
6. General: Drills, Electrical Discharge Machining, Lathes, Gears, Presses, Saws
7. Broaching

Our History

Harry J. Richardson, Senior ASA established Tartan American Machinery Corporation in 1977 and simultaneously opened offices in Detroit, MI and Paris, France. In 1981, he and the rest of the team also opened an office in Glasgow, Scotland. All of our three locations are still staffed and operational today.

Since 1980, we have been a member of the Machine Tool Dealers National Association (MDNA). Our company initially planned to focus on purchasing used machine tools in Western Europe and shipping them to the U.S. for remarketing. As our business expanded, our team started to buy and sell various equipment as well as provide consulting services worldwide. Together with our network of trusted associates, we have expanded to South America, Mexico, Canada, and Asia, including China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Our Valued Clients

Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional service, our team is able to build and maintain great client relationships. Through the years, we have been regularly working with:

Banks and Finance Institutions (Including the Largest Institutions in the U.S.)

Major OEM and Tier 1 Automotive Companies

Major Aerospace Companies

Custom Molders

Small Local Machine Shops

Small Regional Lenders

About Our Founder: Harry J. Richardson, Senior ASA

Harry J. Richardson has been a member of the American Society of Appraisers since 1999, and he was granted Senior ASA status in 2001. He is known to deliver excellent work in the industry over the years. From 2014 to 2018, he served Machine Tool & Specialties (MTS) Board. He is a published author in the MTS Magazine and has written articles about:

Hot Stamping Press Technology

Servo Drive Sheet Metal Stamping Presses

Tooling for CNC Applications

Why Choose Us

Our Spacious Facility

Our company’s home base is a 15,000-sq ft industrial building with an overhead crane and a high-voltage electrical service. It houses our large collection of new and used machine tools and equipment.

Highly Skilled Staff Members

We have technical personnel in our team who are capable of testing and repairing even the most sophisticated CNC machinery. Our staff appraisers are certified by the American Society of Appraisers with senior ASA designation.

A Wide Range of Inventory Items

Our team has been buying and selling quality products internationally, and we stock many late model equipment. Whether you’re seeking new or old machinery, we have them for you.

What We Offer

Machine Tool Consulting Services

Our team has extensive knowledge of the industry challenges faced by businesses worldwide. We are skilled in testing and repairing various types of equipment. When you turn to us for any manufacturing concerns, we are confident that we can address them promptly.

Machine Tool Appraisal Services

Tartan is a trusted source of machine tool appraisal for many major financial institutions. Please contact us for a resume of our professional experience.

Buying Used Machinery

Are you looking to sell your machinery? Reach out to us. Our team actively purchases used equipment from anywhere world-wide.

Selling Used Machinery/Trade In Your Old Machinery

If you are thinking of buying used equipment or replacing your old machinery, rely on us. We are selling a wide range of products internationally. Our inventory has a variety of used machinery, including late model equipment.