Tartan American Machinery Corporation in Macomb Township, Michigan is known throughout the industry for delivering reliable machine tool consulting and appraisal services. We also provide high quality, used machine tools and plastic machinery worldwide. Our team has proven capabilities and expertise in the aerospace, automotive and large-scale global manufacturing operations, while continuing to serve small and intermediate companies with energy and attention to detail.

We specialize in all aspects of general manufacturing equipment, metalworking and plastic machinery. Including those related to:
1. Automotive Drive Train/Powertrain and Off-Road Construction Equipment: engines, transmissions, axles, differentials, wheel assemblies
2. Automotive and General Industrial: stamping, forging, die casting, machining, painting, E-Coat, Powder Coat
3. Carbon based and Renewable Energy: Gas turbines, Oil patch/fracking, drilling, pumps, valves and pipe
4. Aerospace: Large gantry mills, Spar mills, Carbon fiber/titanium fuselage, Manufacture of gas turbine engines
5. Fabrication: Metal shears and Press brakes, Roll formers, Bending rolls, Punching/Coining, Welding.
6. General: Drills, Electrical Discharge Machining, Lathes, Gears, Presses, Saws
7. Broaching